Bitkom Forum Open Source 2023 Kernkonzept

Kernkonzept beim Bitkom Forum Open Source 2023

On September 27th, Bitkom Forum Open Source 2023 will take place in the Steigerwaldstadion in Erfurt. And as is almost mandatory for a company developing and maintaining an open-source software, Kernkonzept will be there. Even more: Our Head of Product Katrin Kahle and our Customer Success Engineer Matthias Lange will take the stage!

The Bitkom Forum Open Source 2023 (BFOSS) is not just an event to meet likeminded people and thought leaders; it has become a platform that shows the vital contributions open-source software development brings to our interconnected world.

Like every year, the program at BFOSS boasts a broad range of insightful and impactful topics. The lectures, panels and workshops cover important topics like Open Source Software in public administration, OSS compliance data management, or the effects of the new EU Cybersecurity law on the use of OSS.

Joining forces with Ingo Hahlen from BSI, Katrin and Matthias will talk about the open-source L4Re Operating System Framework that is the heart and core of our company. Looking back on how this technology has grown from a university research project into a high-security certified software according to BSI requirements, they will highlight some key aspects along that road:

  • how we changed the software development and review process
  • the new governance model we adopted
  • the changes we made in the documentation practice
  • and last but not least: the Common Criteria evaluation we achieved through our cooperation with the BSI

The common thread leading through this field report is the discussion of the trade-offs that have to be accepted while developing a trustworthy open-source software. After all: A solid code base is one thing, but a resilient governance model is the key factor that is needed to get security certification for an OSS.

Do you plan on attending Bitkom Forum Open Source 2023? Feel free to reach out to us and set up a meeting with Katrin or Matthias in Erfurt!

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