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We collaborate with industry and research partners to develop and improve our L4Re Operating System Framework.

Working together

Running on L4Re

Our customers work in areas that demand high-security and safety software solutions. The lean and modular L4Re Operating System Framework and Hypervisor we are developing is widely used, from avionics to smart home devices.

With our profound expertise in operating systems and the L4Re microkernel we can offer various services, according to the individual needs and project requirements: from consulting about architecture design and actual software development to workshops and trainings to enable the customer’s team to work with their own version of L4Re.

We are proudly working with and for renowned companies and manufacturers. The markets and use-cases are very diverse, but we are always aiming for one goal: to develop safe and secure solutions, ready for certification like EAL4 or ISO 26262.









Scientific applications

Improving L4Re

To make L4Re ever better and to explore new uses, Kernkonzept is collaborating in various research projects, both national and international. Together with our research partners we are constantly improving and extending the functionalities and uses of the L4Re Operating System and Hypervisor Framework.

From the beginning of our company we have been striving to keep our open-source software state-of-the-art so that it fits a wide range of applications and devices.

In a way, this is the core of our company’s values and mission: We are closely involved in the open-source community and are working towards a paradigm for secure computer systems, thus enabling European digital sovereignty.

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