We accompany our customers over the whole life cycle of their products, with a wide range of services and support.

Kernkonzept Software Engineering Services

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From design and deployment to life-cycle management

Our customers’ products are protecting sensitive information, public infrastructure, and people’s lives. More and more devices are connected to the internet, are using applications from the cloud or are being remotely controlled over the internet. This exposure significantly increases the attack surface for invaders and demands for a thorough security architecture.

To ensure cybersecurity as well as IT security, it is mandatory for manufacturers, system designers and users to only deploy secure computer systems. Kernkonzept supports you with designing and building secure and safe systems.


Your personal guide

We support you in every phase of the product life cycle. From the first sketches until maintenance we offer consulting, software development, support, and maintenance services.

Moreover, we have designed workshops and trainings for multiple focus groups and needs. With our counsel you and your team can fully exploit the L4Re Operating System Framework.

Your personal contact at Kernkonzept is always an experienced systems engineer. This simplifies the communication between development teams on both sides, to get better results faster.

Full Range

Consultation topics

Our full range consultation results in maximizing your performance and minimizing your development time. You are strengthening the security and safety of your product and significantly reduce your certification efforts and, therefore, costs.

From Start to Finish

System design consulting

Finding the right system architecture for a new product is a complex task. There are lots of questions and many stakeholders involved, budgets and timeframes are tight. Often it’s not only about finding the best software architecture. The design, development, and composition of the hardware platforms and components are also challenging.

The need for certification and accreditation of products adds to the complexity of such projects, because the whole trusted computing base (TCB) of the computer system must be approved, including all the source code that often contains millions of lines. Kernkonzept helps you to reach your goals: from maximizing performance to minimizing the TCB – and in so doing minimizing certification efforts and time spent.

The computer system is an integral part of the system architecture. It is crucial for many design and implementation decisions. The interaction between the different components is complex, and it is highly challenging to integrate them smoothly. That’s why it is so important to develop your product out of a holistic perspective from day one. This “security by design” approach is what distinguishes our state-of-the-art open-source L4Re operating system framework from all other security software.

Our highly skilled and experienced system engineers with their more than 20 years of experience in operating system technologies consult you on the design options between Linux and other prevalent systems as well as microkernel-based approaches, such as L4Re, in combination with different hardware platforms and all common architectures (ARM, x86, MIPS, RISC-V).

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Kernkonzept Services Certification Ready


Certification-ready and tested

Our operating system engineers build customized operating system solutions and hypervisor virtualizations. The L4Re toolbox provides you with a secure, certification-ready operating system and software components, while we support every step of your product development – from drafting and designing the architecture to implementation and testing.

Requirements for certifications and authorizations (e.g. Common Criteria EAL4, Automotive SPICE, MISRA, and ASIL/ISO 26262) are factored in from start to reduce costs and time-to-market.


Development portfolio

To provide you with a custom-made, safe and secure computer system for your specific needs, we design and develop:

We also provide:


Support and maintenance

We are ready to support you and your team during the integration process and your on-site development. Our support and maintenance plans cover you when your product ships and is deployed in the field.

These plans include:

In urgent cases we will come to your company site and work hand in hand with your staff until the problem is fixed.

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What to expect

Our L4Re workshops

We don’t want to keep our unique experience with the L4Re Operating System Framework for ourselves. We not only provide our software as open-source, we also offer trainings for further educating your team, so that you can better work with your L4Re operating system.

Our workshops are led by highly experienced senior engineers. They help you gain the knowledge and insights you need.

All our trainings and workshops focus on your individual use case – just like the L4Re platform we build customized to your needs.

In a pleasant atmosphere you will learn quickly and implement your knowledge in practical, hands-on assignments. We also convey the theoretical background, as far as you need it.

Our workshops and trainings include:

Choose the most convenient way to train your team: whether remote, in-house or at our company’s location in Dresden, Europe’s operating system capital and Kernkonzept’s headquarters.

Individual trainings

Learn what you need

We offer a wide range of basic and specialist trainings to make you and your team familiar with the L4Re operating system framework. Like everything we do, all our trainings are focused on your individual use case.

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As customer success engineer Matthias has trained lots of teams and people in using L4Re. He is happy to teach you, too.