Our company is dedicated to developing the open-source software L4Re, providing digital safety and security since 2012.

This is us

The people who are Kernkonzept

Kernkonzept was founded in 2012 to assist and consult customers, whose products can benefit from L4Re Technology, during their product development and product lifecycles. Kernkonzept also decided to be a solid foundation for the complex certification processes, customers with safety and security critical products are faced with.

Today the system engineers of Kernkonzept are leading the further development and evolution of the open-source L4Re Operating System Framework. The idea behind this initiative is provided by the founders of Kernkonzept: Michael Hohmuth, Adam Lackorzynski and Alexander Warg. They are developing the L4Re Microkernel and L4Re user land compoments as well as the software platform since the 90s.

Meanwhile there is a significant proportion of the world’s L4 researchers and L4 developers working at Kernkonzept and following the vision of the company: Provide an independent, open-source and microkernel based operating system framework for Europe’s digital sovereignty, especially in technology for safety and security use cases.

L4Re Operating System Framework

Our Vision

A solid pillar of EU digital sovereignty

Now and in the future, we will provide a universally applicable, trustworthy, flexible, scalable, and safe and secure operating system technology to protect humans and critical infrastructures. Our technology is for general purpose. That includes that we collaborate intensively with hardware manufacturers to create a new paradigm for the development of safe and secure computer systems.

OUr Values

Smart, elegant, simple

We are guided by a sense of responsibility, reliability, and a down-to-earth attitude. Our social interaction is human, direct, and uncomplicated.
We are wired by L4Re. A lot of the people at Kernkonzept talk in code and tech and smile in emoticons – therefore we are motivated and delighted by the beauty of code and simple functioning of very complex things.

Connected by L4Re

L4Re inside our hearts

We are connected through our technology L4Re on which we have been working on diverse components for decades. Everybody at Kernkonzept carries L4Re in their hearts.

L4Re is manifesting everything I have learned about computers and systems.

ALEX, Head of Kernel Development

Mission statement

Operating system specialists safeguarding your development

As a profound specialist for operating systems and safe and secure computer systems we not only accompany you during your product development but also over the whole life cycle of your product line. We engineer tailor-made systems to minimize the duration and complexity of your security and safety certifications. With the long-standing experience of all our operating system engineers we accompany you during all phases of your product development on all platforms and architectures. Every customer directly works with a project operating system engineer with more than 10 years of experience who accompanies you during the whole product life cycle.