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Our certification-ready L4Re technology provides solutions for many safety and security critical connected devices.









Auto­motive Industry

The certification-ready L4Re Automotive Hypervisor is the trusted foundation for the safety of next generation’s mobility.

E-mobility and autonomous driving

Enabling the automotive software transformation

The automotive industry is in its biggest transformation ever. Traditionally mechanically engineered vehicles are becoming more and more rolling networked devices.

As innovation is driven by software the classical approach of “one ECU per function” is no longer feasible, especially because of the weight and cabling in the car required for this. The shift to powerful in-car high-performance-computing (HPC) systems is driven by the need to consolidate functions to reduce costs, weight and space and to foster innovation.

However, the need for safety remains and an ever-increasing demand for security poses challenges to these mixed-criticality systems such as complete spatial and temporal isolation of independent software functions.

Consolidation and Automotive HPC

The L4Re Hypervisor provides freedom from interference for all integrated software systems. In that way software systems with different safety levels (ASIL) can be executed on the same hardware.

This allows to combine functions with high functional safety requirements together with dynamic functions. The L4Re Hypervisor guarantees the separation even in the case of software changes.

Scalable from Embedded to HPC

L4Re supports embedded MCU systems employing MPU-based memory protection up to multi-core HPC systems, allowing system designers to place their workloads according to performance, space and timing requirements.

High Assurance

The EAL4+ certified L4Re Operating System Framework supports EU digital sovereignty, protecting information up to German/EU/NATO level SECRET.

Minimal Trusted Computing Base

Guaranteed separation and defined information flow

The government, public authorities, defense and public infrastructures (KRITIS) at all levels are experiencing increasing levels of cyber attacks. To protect their classified information these users demand the highest safety and security standards to safe-guard their assets. Products for these markets must be certified and accredited by national or multinational authorities such as the BSI, EU or NATO before they are allowed to be used in the field.

Guaranteed separation and a defined flow of information is needed. Usually this is only possible by physical separation of networks.

With the L4Re Operating System Framework and its minimal trusted computing base separate physical machines can be consolidated. Certified and accredited separation, resource, and communication policies at the OS level assure a secure domain transition.

Today the L4Re Operating System Framework is the trusted foundation for products accredited up to GERMAN/EU/NATO SECRET levels, such as:


With our minimal trusted computing base agencies can run critical applications and store data securely in the cloud.

Secure cloud industry

Certified cloud infrastructure

Deploying services into a cloud to lower costs and achieve better scalability is common in today’s IT. But classified data handled by governments, public authorities and defense agencies must be protected at a level of security that goes beyond what current cloud infrastructures can provide.

This poses extra requirements on risk mitigation of untrusted or even compromised cloud infrastructures to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Customers using security critical infrastructure demand certification and accreditation to national and multinational security standards, followed by Germany’s BSI, the EU or NATO, to be deployed in practice.

With the minimal trusted computing base of the L4Re operating framework, we can provide these security levels for cloud infrastructures, separating critical applications and safe data storage reliably and securely.

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