Research Partners

Kernkonzept collaborates in various research projects. With our research partners we develop and evolve our L4Re Operating System Framework.

Exploring new uses

Research projects with L4Re

We are striving to keep our software state-of-the-art and are constantly exploring new application ranges. But with our participation in various national and international research projects we not only aim to improve and extend functionalities and uses for our L4Re Operating System and Hypervisor Framework.

Scientific research and the transfer of knowledge in the IT community are core values of our company and of our employees, many of whom are actively engaged in the open-source software community. With our research activities we also contribute to European digital sovereignty, a very important goal for the next years.

A selection of our latest and ongoing involvements into research projects you can read below. We also regularly publish whitepapers to present the state of development and discuss new areas of use for the L4Re Operating System Framework.

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Let’s collaborate

Please contact our team for collaboration requests and information about running research projects.