New Whitepaper published: L4Re Micro Hypervisor for MPU-based processors

After working on it for months, we can finally announce this big news: Our new whitepaper on the L4Re Micro Hypervisor for MPU-based processors is published!

From the founding of our company, Kernkonzept has been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation with our open-source L4Re Operating System Framework and Hypervisor. We have worked with the automotive industry for a long time, joining forces with renowned software companies like Arm, STMicroelectronics and NXP Semiconductors. Since the beginning of 2023, we are also a voting member of the SOAFEE group that is dedicated to developing a scalable open architecture for the software defined vehicle.

Our new whitepaper is also focusing on use-cases in this area: Our CTO Adam Lackorzynski and our Operating System Expert Jan Klötzke introduce 3 typical challenges for today’s automotive software engineers. Their findings show the groundbreaking potential of our newly developed L4Re Micro Hypervisor, which is a real game-changer for employing virtualization on MPU-based processors, and therefore the future of the automotive industry.

Some key topics of our white paper

  • Safety: Discover how our L4Re Micro Hypervisor ensures safety for critical vehicle functions on MPU-based processors.
  • Flexibility: Learn how the L4Re Hypervisor and Micro Hypervisor enable seamless integration of diverse software components thanks to their uniform APIs, allowing for SDVs to adapt and evolve in real-time.
  • Innovation: Explore how the L4Re #Hypervisor and the L4Re Micro Hypervisor open up new opportunities for vehicle customization and continuous improvement by combining both automotive HPC and small MPU-based processors.
  • Benefits: Understand the many benefits for OEMs who implement Kernkonzept’s L4Re Hypervisor Family together with the new generation of hardware – from scalability and cost efficiency to a reduced time to market and easier upgrades.

The automotive industry is unevitably evolving towards a software-driven future. As this development gains traction, the need for robust and secure virtualization solutions is growing. The most pressing need is, however, for consolidation: Putting multiple functional workloads of varying criticality together on the same chip is not only saving space, which is scarce in a car, but it also provides automotive system designers with more flexibility and OEMs with scalability – which translates directly into money.

Meet the L4Re Hypervisor family

With our new L4Re Micro Hypervisor, which we first presented in March 2023 at embedded world and which works alongside our L4Re Hypervisor, we have launched a whole L4Re Hypervisor Family. Now we are covering the whole range, from automotive HPCs to MPU-based processors. Our open-source system has been specifically engineered to meet these demands, providing the ideal foundation for the software-driven vehicle (SDV).

Are you curious how it works? You can download our whitepaper for free and gain deeper insights about how the L4Re Micro Hypervisor enables use-case specific tailoring in the automotive industry.