10 Years Kernkonzept

We are celebrating: 10 Years Kernkonzept!

For 10 years Kernkonzept has been offering professional service around the open-source software L4Re. Time to celebrate and time for a look back!

When our company was brought to life by our founders Michael Hohmuth, Adam Lackorzynski and Alexander Warg, no one would have expected what happened: In just a few years we have grown from a small tech startup founded by IT students and doctorates into a renowned software company.

The L4Re Operating System Framework was and still is our core technology and we are very proud of what we have achieved with it. Everyone in today’s Kernkonzept team is deeply committed to developing and improving the open-source software L4Re which was formed back in 1997 at Technische Universität Dresden, at the Operating Systems Chair of Professor Hermann Härtig. This long open-source project history is deeply woven into our company values, and it is still a formative influence for our corporate culture.

In the next months we will tell you more about the milestones that lie behind us and the brilliant minds that have formed our paths. The first “anniversary present” you can see is our freshly rebranded corporate identity and website. Stay tuned for more!

Buchenstraße 16b

01097 Dresden