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Kernkonzept giving security practice insights at Bitkom Forum Open Source

This year’s Bitkom Forum Open Source is taking place in Erfurt. On the day before this open and free event, the working group Open Source is also meeting in the capital of Thuringia.

The topic of the hybrid meeting is “Shift left, built-in security, DevSecOps – How can we improve security in open-source environments?” Matthias Lange, Customer Success Engineer at Kernkonzept, has been invited to speak about his experiences in this field.

Critical infrastructure is often based on open-source software, which is why it is a common target for attacks. These days, many applications are deeply interwoven with open-source software. Instead of stopping to use it, the security of these software systems must be kept under close scrutiny. The L4Re Operating System Hypervisor Framework developed by Kernkonzept provides a lean, modular, and highly flexible means for maximum security in open-source systems.

On Wednesday, Sept 28, Matthias Lange talks about “DevSecOps – insights into security practice of an open-source developing company”. He is giving a glimpse of the challenges software companies face even in the designing process of security critical open-source software.

With the operating system platform L4Re Kernkonzept provides a certification-ready software used by renowned cybersecurity companies like Infodas or Genua to equip products accredited for German, EU and NATO SECRET levels.

The Open Source working group is meeting as a closed community. If you are interested in the presentation or in a meeting with our Customer Success Engineer, please send us an email!

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