Kernkonzept STMicroelectronics Partner

L4Re Micro Hypervisor now on STMicroelectronics’ Stellar MCU Platform

We love to share this news: Kernkonzept has joined the Authorized Partnership program of STMicroelectronics, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers and designers of semiconductors!

We are combining our newly developed L4Re Micro Hypervisor with STMicroelectronics’ Stellar 32-bit – an automotive MCU platform featuring Arm Cortex-R52 cores. Our open-source Hypervisor enables the secure and safe consolidation of multiple software components on this powerful multi-core MCU.

The L4Re Operating System Framework is already running in a broad range of applications, from automotive platforms to secure laptops for government agencies. Thanks to our new partnership with STMicroelectronics we can offer our customers even better solutions, tailored to their needs. 

With a virtualization-enabled platform like the Stellar that is equipped with a hypervisor layer as provided by our L4Re Micro Hypervisor, our customers benefit from a key foundation for flexible and future-proof software and hardware architectures:

  • They get the flexibility that is needed to make their software defined vehicle a reality.
  • They profit from guaranteed real-time responses and maximum functional safety.
  • Their time-to-market accelerates and they also benefit from increased innovation cycles.

Our L4Re Operating System Framework and our Hypervisor family can be deployed both on HPC and MPU systems, which makes them extremely useful for a wide range of use-cases as they provide the same uniform hardware abstraction layer across different kind of processors.

-> Our entry in the STMicroelectronics Authorized Partnership program catalog