L4Re certification ready for automotive industries

SAFECOMP Conference

The Kernkonzept open-source microkernel-based L4Re operating system framework is well known in the High Assurance market, with a wide range of accredited products up to GERMAN SECRET or NATO SECRET. The L4Re Operating System Framework is also frequently used in the automotive industry, providing highest flexibility and safety for HPC-based cars.

At Safecomp conference 2022 our CTO Adam Lackorzynski and Senior Operating System Engineer Marcus Hähnel, together with our partner Elektrobit, will share their experiences on Safety Analysis and Certification.

We are looking forward to interesting talks about benefits of our open-source L4Re technology for the automotive industry and in safety and security certifications. Use your chance for a one-on-one chat with our CTO!

Please mail us to schedule an appointment.

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