Data Sheet L4Re Hypervisor and L4Re Operating System Framework

Technology Data Sheet: L4Re Operating System Framework and L4Re Hypervisor

At Kernkonzept we believe in security by design. We develop and maintain the open-source L4Re Operating System Framework.

The microkernel-based L4Re Operating System Framework is built on the principle of a minimal trusted computing base:

  • Minimize your application’s potential for failure and attacks by modularization and by reducing its dependencies.
  • Isolate components in secure compartments and virtual machines.
  • Reuse your legacy systems as untrusted components.

The L4Re Microkernel is the heart of L4Re Operating System Framework. It serves as a hypervisor, a separation kernel, and a real-time virtualization microkernel. It implements only those mechanisms that need to reside in the CPU’s privileged mode: address spaces, threads and inter-process communication.

All other operating system components, including all device drivers and access policies, are implemented in user-mode application programs or are encapsulated in virtual machines.

Learn more about our technology, its features and its many use-cases and download our L4Re Technology Data Sheet!

The L4Re Microkernel, L4Re Runtime Environment, VMM, and other resources are all licensed under the GPLv2. Download at Github

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Data Sheet L4Re Technology

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