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Who is Kernkonzept?

Kernkonzept GmbH is a midsize company providing secure and safe virtualization and operating-system technology. In addition to our microkernel-based L4Re Operating System Framework, we also offer comprehensive services around Linux and other open source operating systems. Our multinational team is based in Dresden, the capital of operating systems.

With unsurpassed knowledge and experience, our system engineers create solutions with real-time capabilities and virtualization support for complex software products.

We advise, guide and support our customers in safety-conscious industries like automotive or avionics as well as public institutions, providers of high-assurance and cloud security, server and embedded systems.

Arm Automotive with L4Re Digital Twins CREDIT Kernkonzept

Kernkonzept’s L4Re Hypervisor family supports latest Arm automotive technology to kickstart software development

Kernkonzept’s L4Re Hypervisor family supports the new automotive technologies from Arm® to enable software development to begin as soon as new solutions come to market.
L4Re Separation Kernel GEHEIM Approval

“German GEHEIM” approval by BSI for Kernkonzept’s L4Re Secure Separation Kernel

The L4Re Secure Separation Kernel has been approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for processing classified information up to level GEHEIM (secret).
L4Re Micro Hypervisor for MPU

L4Re Micro Hypervisor as Reference Hypervisor for NXP® S32Z Released

Kernkonzept GmbH has released the open-source L4Re Micro Hypervisor as a reference hypervisor for NXP® Semiconductors’ S32Z and S32E real-time processors.

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Overview of press releases

MANNHEIM-CeCaS: Kernkonzept joins software research project for autonomous driving

Dresden-based software developer Kernkonzept is part of the MANNHEIM CeCaS research project for high-performance processors. The L4Re hypervisor developed by the company makes an important contribution to the implementation of these novel automotive platforms for autonomous driving.

Kernkonzept joins SOAFEE

Kernkonzept joins the automotive community of interest SOAFEE to co-develop a scalable, open embedded architecture for automotive as an open-source software developer.


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Kernkonzept RGB Logo quer SW

Kernkonzept (primary)

Logo files are available in PNG and SVG format

The Kernkonzept logo may only be used in the defined colors, if necessary, in a black and white version. The word and figurative mark must be used only in combination. The Kernkonzept logo stands in a protected zone. The protected area is defined by the height of the Kernkonzept lettering. A uniform area with this defined distance must be maintained around each logo.

L4re label


Logo files are available in PNG and SVG format

The L4Re logo may only be used in the defined color; if necessary, an inverted and a black and white version are available. The protective space of the logo is defined by twice the letter height of the L4Re lettering. A uniform area with this defined distance must be maintained around the logo.


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