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Kernkonzept develops the open-source L4Re operating system and hypervisor for security/safety-critical and virtualization-enabled applications. Based in Dresden, Germany, we provide software services for the security-sensitive, real-time, and embedded markets.

The microkernel-based L4Re system is built on the principle of a minimal Trusted Computing Base:

  • Minimize your application’s potential for failure and attacks by modularization and by reducing its dependencies.
  • Isolate components in secure compartments and virtual machines.
  • Reuse your legacy systems as untrusted components.

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Kernkonzept is hiring
April 2017

We see a growing demand for our L4Re microhypervisor in connected devices in embedded, industrial, avionic, and automotive use cases with strong safety and security requirements. Help us the trusted open-source operating system powering these applications. Have a look at our open job postings!

New open-source release of L4Re operating system
August 2016

Kernkonzept has released a new version of the L4Re Operating System. This release adds support for the MIPS64 architecture. Please find more details and a list of changes on the release page.

L4Re operating system adds support for MIPS architecture
May 2016

Kernkonzept announces a new open-source release of its L4Re Operating System that includes support for Imagination Technologies’ MIPS architecture, including support for MIPS’ virtualization architecture VZ. The MIPS port is supported by Imagination Technologies. Please find more details and a list of changes on the release page.

Kernkonzept joins the prpl Foundation
March 2015

Kernkonzept has joined the prpl Foundation. We are a founding member of the prpl Virtualization & Security working group and will update the L4Re system to add support for the MIPS architecture in a future release.

Kernkonzept at FOSDEM ‘15
January 31st & February 1st, 2015

Kernkonzept is going to participate at FOSDEM ‘15. We are happy to announce our talk Facing the Reality: What’s new in the L4Re Operating System in the Microkernel devroom on Sunday, February 1st, 2015 at 1:45 p.m.

We are looking forward to meet you there.

genua presents cyber-top security laptop – L4Re inside
November 2014

genua has released their new secure mobile computing solution cyber-top, a laptop computer based on the L4Re System providing strict isolation between multiple security-sensitive application areas.

L4Re-based mobile security solution wins Third Prize at German Prize for IT Security 2014
October 2014

The L4Re Microkernel-based mobile security solution co-developed by TU Dresden, T-Systems, Trust2Core, and Kernkonzept has been awarded a Third Prize at the award presentation ceremony for the Fifth German Prize for IT Security 2014.

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