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About Kernkonzept

Kernkonzept develops trusted operating systems for safe and secure applications, connected devices, and automotive applications. Our open-source L4Re microhypervisor powers government laptops, home appliances, secure networking gear, and home gateways, and in the future also cars, servers, sensors, and robots.

Additionally, Kernkonzept cooperates with universities and industrial partners in research projects exploring secure industry digitization, IT security, high-performance computing, and virtualization.

With customers, partners, and research associates such as Genua, Imagination Technologies, TU Dresden, and the prpl Foundation, we keep up with recent trends in security-centric design and operating-system technology.

Perks of working with us include:

  • We are very engineering centric and research oriented.
  • We help our employees grow and actively support their advanced training and education.
  • We are very family friendly and allow for flexible working schedules.

All positions listed on this page are based in our offices in Dresden, Germany (see map).

Operating Systems Engineer (m/f¹)

Kernkonzept is looking for experts to expand the core development team that is working on Kernkonzept’s L4Re operating system. Help us to keep our system current with changing technologies and to meet our customer’s needs.


  • Planning and executing strategic R&D projects in the field of operating systems
  • Hardware-platform bring-up for our L4Re operating system, including boot, device and power management bring-up
  • Collaboration with customers and analysis of customer requirements
  • Design and development of operating systems components

Skills & Education

  • Good knowledge of operating systems (Linux/*BSD) and operating-system kernels (scheduling/real-time/…)
  • Strong interest in computer architecture and low-level computer programming (kernel/device drivers)
  • C, C++, Assembly language
  • Basic knowledge of x86, ARM, or MIPS architecture
  • Software development processes and tools (git, bug trackers, cross compilers)
  • Motivation to work and successfully cooperate with other engineers and our customers
  • Knowledge in virtualization technologies a plus
  • Experience with the L4 operating system a plus
  • Experience with academic or industrial research a plus
  • Master’s or Diploma in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering, or similar education

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Systems Verification Engineer (m/f¹)

Kernkonzept is looking for experts for the informal, semi-formal, and formal verification of its L4Re operating system. Our verification methods range from model-based testing and worst-case analysis, formal and semi-formal specifications to static analysis, fuzzing, and testing.


  • Informal and semi-formal specifications and verification
  • Introduction and maintenance of tools for static analysis, such as Coverity or Facebook’s infer.
  • Introduction and maintenance of a methodology for incorporating static analysis into Kernkonzept’s development process
  • Worst-case-execution-time analysis and verification
  • Coverage analysis and test-set completion
  • Development of requirements specifications and system-design documents
  • Planning and execution of R&D projects for the points above

Skills & Education

  • Experience with formal methods, static analysis, or worst-case execution time analysis
  • Internals of operating systems or a strong motivation to dive into low-level details
  • Basic knowledge of C, C++
  • Software development processes and tools (git, bug trackers, cross compilers)
  • Experience with hypervisors and microkernels a plus
  • Master’s or Diploma in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering, or similar education

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Legal notices

¹ “m/f” Kernkonzept is an equal opportunity employer and all our positions are open for applications of any gender.

How to apply

Please send your CV (PDF, please) and a statement of your specific qualifications and interests in working with us to, or simply say hello via any of the channels on our Contacts page.